Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cissie Selfies

A couple months ago Cicily figured out how to take pictures on her iPad (communication device).  So now whenever she wants a break from school work, she entertains herself and her nurse by taking selfies!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Staring - after 7 years I finally discovered something nice to say that works!

"Do you want to say hi?"  It's simple, it's nice, it makes Cicily relatable.

For the past 7 years I've tried out many tricks to get people to move on when they're staring at Cicily.  I've smiled back, ignored, made silly faces, given evil looks, etc.  Sadly I used to find evil looks to be the most effective!  ;{   Until a couple months ago, I asked a small kid who couldn't keep her eyes off of Cicily if she wanted to say hi to her.  At first she was startled that she'd been caught and that I'd talked to her, but then she smiled and said hi to Cicily and then walked away.  Since then I've tried it numerous times and it works!  Most kids will say hi and walk away, some look embarrassed, and some say hi and then ask their questions that we're happy to answer.  Cicily likes it because she loves to interact with people!!  Most of the time this seems to help the child realize that Cicily is just a kid too.  Once we've started a conversation with someone, I always like asking them what their favorite color is or how old they are or what they like to play and then telling them about Cicily's favorite color, age or activity.

Phew, 7 years in the making and I figured it out!  Now if I can just find something that works on those pesky adults....

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cicily's sentence at school today.  One of her friends wished to catch a ball.  Breaks my heart.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Body

Cicily was asked to give a part in the upcoming children's program in our church.  The prompt she was given is: "A blessing I have from Heavenly Father is______".  I read it to her and she immediately wanted to fill in the blank with "body".  I tried to mention other possibilities - Jesus, family, chickens even, but she was emphatic about her body.  To give some perspective, she had spent that same morning coughing up blood because her body caught a virus and is fighting off another case of pneumonia.
However, with the amazing wisdom and perspective she has, Cicily really feels that, 
"A blessing I have from Heavenly Father is my body."

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm 7 years old!!!!!!!

 My day started off with presents!  (Well first I woke up to a bed full of poop - it's clean out the colon day and boy do I feel much better than yesterday!  Thank you Mom and Dad and Heavenly Father for helping me feel better for my birthday.)  Maya gave me a bunch of play food that I love taking out of the basket.  Sophie gave me a Minnie Mouse playset that I will have fun playing with her (and she will have fun playing without me while I'm working hard at school I'm sure.)  Mom and Dad gave me some polka dot pants and new polka dot stickers for my wheelchair (thanks to our friends the Allens for help on those).  Great presents from my family!

Then I got to go to school.  All my friends were so excited for me to come.  They knew it was my birthday and since we're kinda like family, they were very happy for me.  My class is very special to me.  Mom and Sophie came in the afternoon with cupcakes that I picked out.  My friend Juan played me happy birthday on his communication device and we all laughed!  We ate cupcakes together and read a special birthday book.  Then I showed this picture to my friend Mara and she had a huge smile for me!  It's my CHICKEN CAKE!!!!
 So this was waiting for me in the fridge when I got home!  I couldn't believe it!  I requested a chicken cake, but I didn't expect it to be a real big chicken with a purple polka dot bow!  I couldn't wait to share it with my family and friends at my party.

 Me and my CHICKEN CAKE!!!  Miss Bonnie at Inspired Occasions  did such an amazingly perfect job making my special 7th birthday cake!  If you ever want a cake and you're in our area, I highly recommend you call Bonnie!!  I thank you so much Miss Bonnie.  And a special thank you to Icing Smiles for all the kids and families you serve.  You both made my 7th birthday incredibly special and memorable.  

Tonight we had a PARTY!   I got to show my cake to all my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and even my best grown up friends!  I'm so happy you could all come to celebrate with me!!!

 My family

 Oh no not the head!  Do we have to eat this beautiful work of art?!?!?

We also played some party games that were all things I liked.  My family and friends put together words about me (just like I write words at school).  We played pin the polka dot on Cicily's chair (I preferred to hold Mom's hand for this one - it got a little strange :)).  We also played pick up the dumped toys because I love dumping toys lately, had an egg relay that my team won, and did a chicken dance!  

It was a wonderful 7th birthday.  The best part was spending it with all the people I love.

I also should say on Sunday before my birthday my 11 year old friends at church surprised me - they all made cute cards for me and I love looking at them and reading them.  Thanks girls!!  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School Stories - First written sentence

Cicily can read, but doesn't have the fine motor control to write.   To demonstrate that Cicily knows how to put together her own sentence, her teachers put out a bunch of cards with one word on them and Cicily chose one word at a time to form a sentence.  They just started this work today and this is Cicily's very first written sentence.  "Grandma I wish to hug you."  She chose each word carefully and put them in order.  Grandma was "overcome with emotions" when she saw the picture.  :) 

Friday, August 16, 2013

School Stories - a note home

Cicily's teacher always sends a note about what school work and fun things they did for the day.  Cis loves these notes!  After I read them she insists we put them on the table for Dad to see first thing when he gets home too.  As soon as Cis comes off the bus, we sit down and read them and talk about her day (her nurse also calls me each day to tell me more stories).  I so very much appreciate knowing what to talk about with Cicily.  She loves it and beams when I ask her about certain activities.  Today she won her rhyming game and was pretty excited to "tell" me about it. 
Yesterday written on her teacher's note was this:
"She was very happy and was a good helper.  M (a friend in class)'s head kept falling to the side so Cicily put her hand under M's head to help hold it up.  Very cute." 
What love.