Friday, October 10, 2014

More lessons from being Cicily's Mom

Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for raising me in a family devoid of prejudice and so full of love for my fellow man that when I was judged and found wanting solely based on my religion it was incomprehensible to me. (Though I could have used more lessons in humility :) )

Back story: We're interviewing for a new nurse for Cicily. A lovely woman came to our home to meet us. She's here from Georgia going to Bible school. She seemed to be a very capable nurse that loved the Bible and took to Cicily. Hey we have a lot in common I thought! I called the agency to tell them we'd like to entrust her with the care of our daughter. The agency's response surprised me, she may not be comfortable going to your church. Ok we thought, she can just work with Cicily on the other days and we'll work something else out for Cicily at church. Then we got word today that she doesn't want to work with us at all.

Dear lovely nurse,

My heart is sad for you.  You declined to work with an amazing daughter of God. Cicily is filled with Christlike love that she would have gladly shared with you.  If you are looking to know Jesus your Savior better you could have had no better teacher. For Cicily teaches me about patience, unconditional love, charity, and faith every day if I open my heart and allow her.  Our family wishes you all the best.