Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cicily's Song of Love

Go push play on the cute picture over on the side bar. That's Cicily's very own song!!! She loves it. I love it, although I can't listen to it without getting teary-eyed.
There's a wonderful organization called Songs of Love http://www.songsoflove.org/ that writes, sings, produces, etc. songs for children with medical, physical or emotional challenges. Cicily has been so into music lately that we thought she would LOVE having her very own song all about her. Songs of Love is awesome! They had us fill out a little survey all about Cicily and then a few weeks later this song came in the mail - all about Cicily, for Cicily.
She was excited to take the picture over there so we can send it, along with a thank you card, to Lindsey Jones, the artist who wrote and sang her song.

Thank you Songs of Love!

What Cicily's been up to

Mommy putting eyeshadow on Cicily. She loves the girly things - makeup, dresses, hair, pedicures. Good thing she doesn't have any trace of the diva personality to go with it.
Maya turned 7! This is the game Cicily wanted to give her.

Playing Barbies with Michelle in all kinds of different ways. Michelle is awesome at coming up with new games and ways to pretend.

We went to this super farm/petting zoo. Cis loved feeding all the animals. The first one she fed was a little donkey that ended up biting her. It didn't dissuade her from feeding the rest of them though.

Petting a camel. There was also a popular zonkey - zebra/donkey (seems kinda wrong, but kinda cool).

Gathering chicken eggs every day. Cis takes this soft basket outside so she can carry the eggs back in the house safely.

Sophie turned ONE year old! Cis is helping her open the present she gave her.

Playing in more boxes. Twin sisters.

Cis rode in another ambulance. This time it was all fun! Her nurse Michelle's husband is a firefighter. He brought this truck that's similar to an ambulance over for Cicily to check out. What a fun backstage tour experience!

Summertime! When wer're not swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's pool, we've been creating a water park in our own backyard!

Cicily has been all about dresses and pigtails lately. We just bought her this new summer dress, since she only wants to wear dresses now. This is the huge hug she gave Daddy when she went to show him her new dress and pigtails. I think she started liking dresses so much because her Daddy will always tell her how beautiful she looks and make a big deal out of her dresses.