Monday, November 19, 2007

Making friends

I know that one of Cicily's purposes in life is helping others to appreciate and enjoy what life brings. Apparently Cicily knows this too, and is working at it already. However, I didn't know she would do this all by herself so young!

Our family went to Disneyland this month and had a fabulous time. Cicily was entertained the whole time. Whenever we were in a line or sitting down somewhere, she'd make a friend of someone around us. She'd find someone behind or next to her and look at them until they saw her and then she'd shoot them one of her huge Cicily smiles. I had so many people say how cute and friendly she is. She also does this sign where she holds out her fist toward someone in a straight arm greeting. I personally think it's a primitive I love you sign (especially when she does it to me!). So she gave those out to lots of people at Disneyland, and then she started to wave too while we were there. I guess our family's going to have to start learning how to be more friendly to strangers. Glad we have our baby to teach us! :)

Cicily sitting on Mickey Mouse's couch at his house in Toontown

The family in line for the Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) ride. Cicily with one of her classic friend-making smiles.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Cicily's 1 year old portraits

Thanks again to Cicily's personal photographer- Grandpa Snell for all the beautiful pictures!!!

Photo Album - 12 months

CUTE! We love this dress and bow made by Aunt Mari
Enjoying some good AZ weather in front of our new garden
Birthday Presents from Grandparents- Toy from Gpa and Gma Watkins, Outfit courtesy of Gma and Gpa Snell. Thanks!
Aunt Whitney's wedding was this month. Here's Cicily with all her Snell cousins.
How Cicily spent the reception.
(Can I go a month without a sepia sleeper pic?! :))

Woah Baby! Loving a Dum-Dum!