Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting worse

Cicily is scheduled to have another MRI of her brain on Dec. 2nd. Chris and I, Grandma DeEtte, and some of Cicily's therapists have noticed an increase in "shakiness" in Cicily in the last 9 months or so. She doesn't have enough fine motor control to sign as well as she once could. She is too wobbly to sit on any kind of chair without support. She still crawls, but in a more sitting posture and gets tired of crawling more quickly. Those are a few examples.
So, Cicily's neurologist (well, our favorite neurologist of the 6 or so she's seen) agreed it would be a good idea to have another MRI done. Maybe somehow eventhough she had no white matter to start with at 2 years old, it could somehow get worse?? Who knows!
We're anxious to see if the MRI shows any change in her brain in the last 2 years.