Monday, July 25, 2011

Home-sewn beauty: A thank you spotlight on Aunt Kristy

A few months ago we got a total surprise in the mail. Maya was so excited to get something for her - she's always bummed because Cicily always gets so much mail (nothing exciting I try to tell her, mostly medical bills). My immensely talented cousin Kristy had been working on these booties for Cicily for a while, getting them just right. She sews booties for babies, and wanted to try her hand at a larger pair for Cis. She ended up making 4 adorable pairs for Cicily to wear. And, she also included Maya and Sophie and made a cute wallet for Maya, that she's "keeping all of her most special things in" and a headband for Sophie. If you had tons of time Kristy and I had tons of money, I'd keep you busy making even more bows, bags and booties for us! :)
Two years ago (wow, it's been a long time already) when Cis got her trach re-placed, my Kristy called me while I was sitting next to my fully sedated Cicily, my head flooding with all the things that having a trach back meant and Kristy told me she wanted to sew a bag for us. It was a little thing considering all we'd been through - a bag. But, it was also a huge, tender thing that made me know our Heavenly Father was watching over us and making this setback easier in simple ways. It was a silly thing I dreaded - having to lug around a suction machine and a bag with trach supplies - again. So, knowing Kristy was thinking of us and making us our own special bag was a big lift. And, this bag has lasted a full 2 years, looking and performing excellently, inspite of it being used and abused daily!
Kristy sews a lot of wonderful items. She has a blog: and an etsy store: . You should really check them out!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We've been on Vacation

We've been on vacation for 1/2 of July and it's been glorious! First we went to a cabin with Chris' fam. We went to a fish pond to let the girls experience catching a fish. They were horrified by the prospect of holding a fish and didn't care for the whole fishing thing. Sorry Uncle Adrian, I feel like I've failed.

Then mid-July we got to go to Bryce Canyon in S. Utah for a week with my fam. Beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and awesome family. Wish we could have stayed longer! Here's Cis and Sophie enjoying a river and waterfall.

We had a big family reunion. This is Cicily with her 2nd cousin, Meredin. Meredin is 5 and just loved Cicily. She was so cute, the first time we met her she just came right up to Cicily and said hi, then asked a couple questions about her (one of which I loved, "is she handicapped?") So I explained all about Cicily. Then Cis taught her some of her signs and Meredin pushed Cis in her chair all around the camp. They were legitimate friends. I love it when people treat Cicily that way. The family by beautiful Bryce Canyon.

I didn't mean to block out Cis, but she got me in a headlock hug right before the pic was taken. She's been giving the most excellent hugs lately! We all love it.

Grandpa made up this fun game with Cicily. They swatted that milk jug/ball around on the carpet for at least 1/2 hour. Cicily was laughing the whole time. She loved spending so much time with her grandparents. Playing games, going for walks, enjoying beauty, and even waking them up in the morning. Good thing we have chickens and Michelle at home, or she never would have wanted to leave!