Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wait time

I've been thinking about how to describe to people how to best communicate with Cicily. Most importantly keep in mind Cicily is a 9 year old and thinks and learns like a typical 9 year old!  Her brain just takes longer to send the message to her body to react.  Our family recently saw the movie Zootopia.  After we saw this scene, Chris and I looked at each other and said is that totally like Cicily to you too?!  So I thought I would share the video so you can remember it when you're talking to Cicily.  She LOVES when people say hi to her and talk with her!!  Just keep in mind wait time.  Talk to Cis and then wait a good 5-10 seconds (which feels like forever!) for her brain to tell her face to respond.  It will happen, she loves to communicate.  Just remember to be patient, think of the cute sloths, and wait.