Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School Stories - First written sentence

Cicily can read, but doesn't have the fine motor control to write.   To demonstrate that Cicily knows how to put together her own sentence, her teachers put out a bunch of cards with one word on them and Cicily chose one word at a time to form a sentence.  They just started this work today and this is Cicily's very first written sentence.  "Grandma I wish to hug you."  She chose each word carefully and put them in order.  Grandma was "overcome with emotions" when she saw the picture.  :) 

Friday, August 16, 2013

School Stories - a note home

Cicily's teacher always sends a note about what school work and fun things they did for the day.  Cis loves these notes!  After I read them she insists we put them on the table for Dad to see first thing when he gets home too.  As soon as Cis comes off the bus, we sit down and read them and talk about her day (her nurse also calls me each day to tell me more stories).  I so very much appreciate knowing what to talk about with Cicily.  She loves it and beams when I ask her about certain activities.  Today she won her rhyming game and was pretty excited to "tell" me about it. 
Yesterday written on her teacher's note was this:
"She was very happy and was a good helper.  M (a friend in class)'s head kept falling to the side so Cicily put her hand under M's head to help hold it up.  Very cute." 
What love. 

First day of First Grade!


 Our beautiful 1st grader off for her very first day of school.  I think she missed school over the summer.  She was SO happy to get back to her same class with her same nurse, teachers and friends! I was comforted to know everyone around her already knows exactly what to do to help and they are all so brilliant with her.   She saw this cute polka dot Minnie Mouse dress at the store and would not let go of it - it had to be hers! 

Her wonderful bus driver said she missed her over the summer.  Notice her polka dot lunch bag.  Her summer nurse Judy gave that to her on her last day.  Cicily loves holding onto it every day on the bus!  Good things come on short busses!

Summer Adventures!

 Laughing her head off doing spins at a Dr. office.  For the last several years this has been Cicily's favorite way to pass the time with Mommy while waiting for doctors!
 Afternoon at a building full of bounce houses.  A great workout for Mom and fun for Cicily.
 A lovely stay in the cool mountains.  Cicily enjoyed taking her pants off this afternoon in the hotel.  She was really cracking herself up!!!
 We got 5 new chickies!!!!!  Cicily's in heaven playing with them of course.  (Our flock of big hens are all gone now.)
CAMP ZOO!  This was Cicily's 4th time at Camp Zoo and she got to bring Maya along this time.  She was thrilled to get to show Maya all the things she loves about Camp Zoo!!  They got to feed this giraffe, hear the orangutan keeper share his funny stories, make a polka dot craft, and see lots of little animals up close and personal.  Loved It!