Monday, July 16, 2012

Ice Cream for Breakfast pictures

Cicily's Ice Cream for Breakfast was last Saturday.  It was a lovely morning of people we love, sharing our memories, supporting GKTW and ICE CREAM!!!  We raised over $600 for Give Kids the World.  Very many thanks to all our friends and family who contributed to another family's priceless memories at GKTW.

The set up - We made a donation box with pictures of our family at GKTW.  We set out Cicily's wish trip scrapbook from Crops of Luv.  Chris made a DVD of GKTW youtube videos.  We had balloons all over for kids to play with. 
The first ice cream went to the 3 sisters. 

Cicily enjoyed tasting her ice cream for breakfast! 
Maya eating her 3rd or 4th serving of ice cream.
 Cis helping nurse Kelly put her donation in the box. 
Friend Tommy enjoying his breakfast
Cicily's highlight of the morning - showing her trip scrapbook to her amazing teacher Miss Marli on one side and her wonderful nurse Kelly on the other.  Happy Girl! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ice Cream for Breakfast - your personal invitation!

Here's your own personal invitation to Cicily's Ice Cream for Breakfast!  Email us if you want to come and need Grandma and Grandpa's address.  (email is on the sidebar)  We're getting excited to see lots of friends and eat ice cream with everyone!!!

Thank you to our talented friend Shanell for making this adorable invite!  She designs cards and invitations if you ever need one: shanellgambell at yahoo dot com