Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baptism Day and Happy 8th Birthday Cicily

Cicily Anne Watkins was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and given the gift of the Holy Ghost by her Dad on October 3, 2014.  Her Grandpas were official witnesses of her baptism and many of her family and best friends were also there to witness this special event in her life.  

When Cicily woke up the next day we were talking about her baptism and birthday party.  She said it was the best day of her life!  She was in heaven getting to spend time with all of her most favorite people in the world!  

Her favorite nurses/best friends were there!

 So many friends made lots of yummy treats for everyone to enjoy.  Thank you very much sweet friends.

Cicily's friend and bus-mate Caleb came to celebrate!

 Aunt Kristine and Clint and Landon joined us.

 Our besties the GGs.  Cicily loves these girls!  They always take time to say hello and talk to her.

 Aulton and his family came.  Cicily and Aulton have been special friends since Cis was born!  Aulton wanted to sit on her lap tonight.  

 In addition to treats, we also had balloons to keep all the little friends happy!

 Grandpa Courtney and Grandma DeEtte  

 Grandpa Norm and Grandma Sue

 A big hug from and for Sister Sparhawk!!  I'm sure there was a handshake before or after too.  
Cicily loves handshakes!

 Cousins!!  The Snell Family (Minus Uncle Heath and Cade who made plans before they knew about the big day.)  Cicily enjoys playing with all of these guys and talking about her outfits with them!  Cicily and Kobe even made up a great game - trach vent soccer!

 The Snell Family! Uncle Adam and Aunt Fabiane traveled from Las Vegas just for Cicily's baptism.  Aunt Fabi gave a beautiful talk about baptism just for Cicily.  I love that Cis is giving her a hug in this picture!

Ashby Family!  
Thanks to all of Cicily's family and friends who could make it to her baptism and birthday celebration.  She really enjoyed her night a lot, as you can see!

It was a perfectly beautiful night for me.  I had spent the previous 2 years thinking about and planning her funeral.  It was so lovely to plan a night all about Cicily that so many of her favorite people could come to and enjoy together.  It was much nicer to celebrate her life on a night when she could be there to participate!  I'm so happy for her that she could make covenants with her Heavenly Father and now have the Holy Spirit as her constant companion. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Thought it would be entertaining to list Cicily's diagnoses.  I'm sure we're missing some.

treacher collins like syndrome
visually impaired
cerebral palsy

Chris likes to think of it as if Jesus were asking today, 'are there any among you who are lame, blind, or deaf' we could check all boxes!