Monday, May 23, 2011

Cis gets a wish

Cicily is going to get the chance to dream big and have her wish granted through Make-A-Wish! We are all very excited about this. They sent Cis a wish book in the mail and we were coloring it and discussing wish ideas last night. Some of Cicily's favorite ideas were: being a farmer, feeding farm animals every day, meeting Mickey Mouse, having a dress to wear for each day of the week, and going to Small World. Cicily got very excited about these ideas! I guess now she gets to meet with her "wish granters" to figure out her big wish.
This wish process has been a welcome excitement for all of us. At first Maya was jealous and didn't understand why she didn't get to have her own big wish come true (to have a Nintendo 3DS, go to Hawaii, or go on a Disney cruise). My explanation of, "Make-A-Wish is something really special that people do for kids who won't live to be adults and have the chance to make their own wishes come true," was not adequate at first. After thinking about how Cicily never wants to do anything exciting without Maya, we told Maya that since she's been such an awesome big sister to Cicily, Cis will for sure want her involved in whatever she wishes for. Now Maya's on board and excited to help Cis decide on a wish. For me, it's been a nice change to have thoughts pop in and out about the thing that would make Cicily really happy; as opposed to thoughts about her funeral arrangements. A very welcome diversion. I've always thought Make-A-Wish was an amazing, unselfish program. I am in awe that people are willing to expend so many resources to making my little Cicily's wish come true.