Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Love

Cicily has been LOVING babies lately!! Fortunately for her she has two new baby cousins, Liliana and Monique. Here are two pictures of Cicily adoring Monique. They both came to visit over Christmas time and Cicily wanted to hold them all the time. None of the hold for 1 minute and I'm done either, she would sit and hold them for a long time just looking at them and smiling.
I think she must recognize a fellow pure soul when she's around them. We're glad she's getting some good practice being a big sister. Come June, Cicily will get all the baby girl snuggles she will ever want, and she's quite excited about it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Surgery coming soon

Cicily will be having her next surgery on Friday January 29th. This surgery will be entirely for dental work. She'll be under general anesthesia in the OR and the dentist will be doing all the dental work she needs done all in one shot.
Dental work being done:
Crowns on all four of her top front teeth. Those four teeth are small and grew in without enamel and decalcified. This means they've been very sensitive to cold foods. Hopefully the crowns will protect the teeth from cavities, make them less sensitive, and make Cis' smile even cuter.
Seal her molars. This protects them from decay.
Do a good deap cleaning
Fill any potential cavities she may have.
So it should be a fairly easy, relatively painless surgery.