Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Angel Girl

I've called Cicily my Angel Girl for a couple years now.  I guess it's my most dear nickname for her.  She's also Cis, Cissy, Cissy Cakes.  But just about every night after I sing her a song about Jesus, I give her a kiss and say, "I love you Angel Girl". 
Since Cis was born people have always noticed something about her.  "She has an old soul."  "Her smile just makes me want to smile."  "Look at those eyes, she just knows things." 
I believe Cicily does know things.  She knows things most of us "normal" people can never understand in our "normal" lives.  She knows the full power of Jesus Christ's love.  I believe that's why Cis is so kind and loving.  Why she faces her challenges with bravery and a smile.  She does understand things, things we don't understand and that enables her to react differently to our world than we do. 
Cicily's not the only angel girl we have living in our world.  There are other brave angels.  They very quietly speak to us in their own way and help us grasp a tiny piece of the love they know. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little Sicky

Cicily's been sick this week.  Monday was pretty bad, you can tell because this is Cis' attempt at a smile.   She stayed home from school and we read books like this all afternoon.  This is her favorite thing to do right now.  Let the chickens run around the yard and swing with some good books.  We've been so happy to have great weather to read outside in almost all winter.  This day was a little cold, so we brought out the blanket and pillow she loves from Grandma and Grandpa.  It was a nice afternoon, hope she gets better soon.  (Too much Dr. Seuss maybe??)