Thursday, July 22, 2010

We had a HAPPY 4th of July!

Cicily and Sophie in their 4th of July outfits. Cicily's cousins made her shirt for her last year while she was in the hospital. Cis loves sitting in her purple chair and holding Sophie!
The last 2 years have been pretty bad 4th of July's. I was honestly getting nervous this year! In 2008 Cis was just barely home from the hospital, sporting her jaw distraction jewelry. The 4th was the first day of torture, when we started turning her screws. July 4th 2009 was the day after Cicily's heart stopped beating. We spent the day in the hospital's ICU, worried about the possible lasting effects of the previous day's episode (there were no long-term effects fortunately). Cicily had pneumonia and didn't come home for 2 weeks.
But July 4th 2010 was very lovely!! Cicily got to go to church, play with her sisters, have a barbeque at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and watch fireworks. The last 2 years made this 4th even better!