Thursday, December 9, 2010

best friend

Cicily has been so lucky to have her nurse Kelly to come play with her and take care of her for the last year and a half. Kelly has spent many hours reading Cicily books, swinging her on swings, carrying her around the house and parks, suctioning her trach, cutting guaze, doing her beautiful hair. . . and most importantly loving her. Kelly is too skilled as a nurse, however, to limit her talents to just one lucky girl! So she recently accepted a job at a hospital. We're sure Cicily will miss playing with Kelly almost every day like she has done. We never expected when we decided to have a nurse in our home taking care of our Cicily that she would become part of our family and love Cis like Kelly does. You will still be welcome to come and play with Cicily anytime you want to Kelly!
Kelly and Cicily at Cis' 4th birthday party

A day at the park