Monday, July 6, 2015

New hearing aids

 Cicily just upgraded to the latest hearing aid model - the Baha 5.  Can you tell she likes it!?!  In the previous post we had the pic of her holding my phone up to her hearing aid to listen to music.  With the Baha 5 she can stream it straight into her hearing aid!!!  It's bluetooth compatible and I have an app to control it on my phone.  She's been LOVING music and now she can listen to it with great sound quality anytime!  I even turned on some kids hymns while she was in church on Sunday and she got a good laugh out of it.
There's also a microphone feature.  I can push a link on my phone and speak into it and it streams straight to her hearing aids.  Cicily and her sisters have been playing around with this one!  Maya or Sophie will go into another room and say a secret word into the phone and then come back in and ask Cicily what the secret word is.  At church I stood outside her class and talked to her.  Lots of fun times being had with these new hearing aids!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why I've been practicing Bikram Yoga

"It's normal after this pose to feel emotional" said the instructor.  "Uh that's a relief because tears just popped out of my eyes," I thought.  I was skeptical that a yoga pose could elicit such an immediate emotional response, yet the proof was in the tears trickling down my face.  I hadn't even realized I was sad at the time.  But reality was I'd been sad every day for the past 2 years, since my daughter Cicily was diagnosed with a terminal brain disorder.  This was just my 2nd Bikram Yoga class and after the tears in camel pose I knew this yoga was something I should have in my life.  I had felt spiritual peace in my life but never knew my body was in need of physical peace.  For the past 2 years practicing Bikram Yoga has allowed my body to let go of pent-up emotions and feel physical peace. 

Practicing also keeps my back from hurting so I am able to physically care for my daughter.  And in turn Cicily is my inspiration in class.  When I feel like I can't hold a pose another second, I think of her persistence and it gives me strength.