Saturday, June 30, 2012

GKTW Global Ice Cream for Breakfast

As you've seen from Cicily's Make-A-Wish trip posts, our family LOVED our time at Give Kids the World in Florida.  It was a truly unforgettable and priceless memory for our family.  GKTW seriously comes up in at least one conversation every day in our family! 
We've decided to serve up a little scoop of the magic to our family and friends as part of GKTW's Global Ice Cream for Breakfast campaign.  We're excited to support this amazing place and have some fun with our friends at the same time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New chair - it's a WHEELchair

You can see how happy this girl is about her new wheelchair.  Which is good because it makes her mommy happy about her new wheelchair.  You see, this girl was never supposed to be in a wheelchair.  She was supposed to not be able to eat, breath, or hear on her own during her childhood; but still be able to fill that childhood up with running, soccer, and dance lessons.  The first chair she got when she was 3 we called her bus chair.  It was only supposed to be helpful until she learned to walk.  Now it's obvious that won't happen in this life, and she needed more support, so we accepted that she needed a real genuine WHEELchair. 
First day going to school in her new wheelchair.  This is how it looked before it got Cicily-ized with purple polka-dots.

After the initial fitting appointment for the new chair, I drove home a bit too fast (that's one way I cope- driving, sometimes quickly).  When we went to pick it up, I brought reinforcements- Dad came along and joked so much it made it a little better still. 
Then Cicily came home and sat in her new wheelchair and could open cabinets in the kitchen, and could be tall enough to see the counters.  She was LOVING it!  When pajama time came, she refused to get out of her new chair!  That made it almost all the way better. 
Then I called a good friend Staci and asked her about getting vinyl polka-dots to put all over Cicily's new chair.  She did much more than I expected and worked it all out and brought the polka-dots over within days.  Cicily's happiness in her new pokda-dot wheelchair made the need for a WHEELchair all the way better!
And if you're curious, this baby cost more than either of our cars.