Thursday, August 12, 2010

A summer in pictures

Kisses, kisses, kisses, and more and more kisses for Sophie!
Swimming in a boat built for two


Trampoline jumping with Maya

Books with nurse Kelly. Most days 1-2 hours of books with Kelly.
Cicily loves her Kelly (and books).

Silly sisters. Sometimes Cis gets to take Sophie for rides in her new chair.

New bed and bedroom
pigtails- just for fun

A fun bubble race with bubbles from Japan. Thanks Cesars!

First day of school. Cicily went back to preschool today. She goes to the same school as last year. She's extremely lucky and gets to keep her same teacher, nurse, therapists, and aids. She was so happy to go - no tears at all.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Cicily has a new bed and a new bedroom! We thought and thought and thought some more about what to do with Cicily after we had a baby and she could no longer sleep in a crib. Some complicating factors were: all the wires she was hooked up to at night (pulse-ox, feeding pump, humidifying mist), she's not physically able to get out of bed on her own, falling out of bed, limited space in her new room with Maya already in there.
So, we came up with the idea for a day or trundle bed. That way Cicily would only be up off the ground a few inches. And we (hopefully) figured out ways around the wires.
Chris set up the new day bed last week and the girls tried it out. As you can see, they love it! It actually works much better than we anticipated because the bed we bought happens to have 2-3 inches of space from the top of the mattress to the top of the frame. So it's like Cicily's sleeping in a short box. She's done pretty well with the transition of sleeping on a new bed in a room with her big sister. Gotta love it when things work out better than expected!!
Maya sleeps on the top bed that Cicily's trundle fits under at night. Maya was so excited to have Cicily sharing her room, until Cis kept her up until 10pm the first night trying to play! They've both gotten used to it now though.