Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So this was totally unexpected! Maya and I were playing with a ball and we started throwing it at each other (of all things!) and Cicily started laughing histerically! It was so cute we of course kept playing the game for another 20 minutes or so. Chris and I decided there's two things we will do anything in the world to see - Cicily laughing and signing more.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cicily's 1 year old Birthday

Thanks to everyone for all your wishes/gifts/love for Cicily's happy birthday. She had a fun birthday filled with only one appointment, presents, and fun! On the Sunday after her actual birthday she had a birthday party with all the in-town family. The party was in our newly redecorated (grass, flowers, vegetable garden) back yard and we had a BBQ, presents, and Cicily's own cheesecake birthday cake.

Presents from Mom & Dad and Maya

Her very own bike to ride! She can actually reach the floor and ride this bike- I was shocked! Who rides a bike before they even crawl?!?

Cousins and Aunt Ondria eating at the birthday party

"Grown Ups" enjoying dinner.

Gma DeEtte, Gpa Courtney, Gma Sue, Nate, Janelle, Gpa Norm, and Aunt Kristine

Opening presents!!!

Grandma Sue, DJ, Cis, Maya, Alexandria

Birthday Cake - not too sure about this cold stuff

Ok, it's fun to play with

A little help from Mom to want to put any in my mouth (typical with any food!)

hey, it's not so bad, I'm messy!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I'm ONE year old today!!!

Photo Album - 11 months

Tummy Time
Eating carrots!
Sleep study
Wow, that's a lot of wires! It didn't seem to bother Cicily one tiny bit, she slept great as normal.

Maya loves to feed Cicily and Cicily loves to have Maya feed her!

Nobody does a smile like Cicily!!! I love it!