Saturday, February 20, 2010

Straight hair and a note

We straightened Cicily's hair just for fun yesterday. She thought it was funny when she looked in the mirror and was very excited to show off her straight hair to Daddy when he came home.

Have I mentioned how much Cicily loves school? She has a fabulous teacher, nurse and therapists. The kids in her class all get excited when I drop her off. Her friend Emma comes over to talk to her and a couple of the boys in her class get her wagon ready for her to sit in. She loves the attention! On Thursday she had occupational therapy and her therapist sent the following progress note home about their session: "Great working - except her social nosiness keeps getting in her way - she is just too cute!" That's pretty much Cicily in a nutshell - social, nosy and very cute!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Teeth

I told Cicily to show me her teeth so I could get a picture of them. I'd say she obeyed quite nicely!

Here are some pictures of Cicily's new front teeth. (Compare these 2 pics with the ones from Cicily's first day of school to see the teeth difference.) Dr. Carter put crowns on her 4 top front teeth last Friday in surgery. They look so good. We were expecting more "chicklet-like" teeth, and these really look natural. Once again, we got a great doctor who did a great job with our girl! Sadly she still seems sensitive to cold foods, but we'll see how that ends up.