Thursday, April 24, 2014

The kind of pretending Cicily's life inspires - Sophie edition

I was thinking of posting about something I heard while Sophie was playing the other day.  And then I remembered this post about Maya playing: The kind of pretending Cicily's life inspires.  Maya was about 4 years old and Sophie is 3.  Both play scenarios really mirror our lives at the time.  When Maya was 4 we were all about therapists and medical procedures.  Now when Sophie's 3 we're all about wheelchairs and having hope in a future day when Cicily has a perfect body.
So Sophie was playing the other day (she likes to pretend on her own) and I overheard her saying, "It's ok, when you're resurrected you'll be able to walk and do all that stuff."
I'm happy Sophie has perfect 3 year old faith that because of Jesus, Cicily will be resurrected and be able to walk someday.

(No photo accompanying this post as Sophie likes to spend her days as a "nudie" whenever possible.) :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cissie Selfies

A couple months ago Cicily figured out how to take pictures on her iPad (communication device).  So now whenever she wants a break from school work, she entertains herself and her nurse by taking selfies!