Tuesday, December 11, 2012

absence seizures

Cicily has been having absence seizures for about 2 years now.  When she's having one it looks like she's just staring off into space.  She'll have 6-10 a day and they last 3-10 seconds.  Her neurologist was not surprised at all when we reported seeing this.  She said with Cicily's brain structure she would expect her to have seizures.  If you're going to have seizures - these are the way to go!  They really don't have any negative effects on Cis. 
I personally believe sometimes when she's having one that she is seeing her great grandparents and others that have "gone before" her.  A couple times when a seizure is over and she focusses on me again I've asked her how Grandma Shirlene (My grandma who died 16 years ago) is and she smiles her "we understand each other" smile. 

On her birthday morning I caught her in one of her absence seizures.  Here it is.  Maybe Great Grandma Bonnie and Gramps are telling her happy birthday? 

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The Milliron Family said...

Janalyn I have no doubt that you're right. What a blessed little girl Cicily is. I can only imagine how close her loved ones are