Monday, January 21, 2013

School Stories - Lockdown humor

I've gotten to hear this entertaining story from Cicily's nurse and teacher.  Cicily's school had a lockdown drill (where classroom doors are locked and everyone goes to a pre-determined safe "hiding" spot).  So Cicily and her 5 fellow classmates, along with Cicily's nurse, teacher and 4 classroom aides are all locked-down in their classroom bathroom.  Yes this bathroom is large, but not that large when you factor in 6 adults, 6 children and wheelchairs!  So while they are all enjoying their tight space together time, the fire alarm is sounded.  Cicily's teacher says, "plug your ears!" to everyone.  Cicily immediately gets a big smile and yanks off her hearing aids and tosses them!  Apparently she was successful in lightening the mood, which knowing Cicily, is exactly what she was going for. 


The Milliron Family said...

That is cute ! I have only talked to Cicily a few times, but she seems pretty witty : )

Kristine said...

Cicily would make a bad citation fun!

Whitney said...

Awesome! It's fun to here these stories and feel like I know her even though I don't get many chances to interact with her.